Kijang Innova Zenix Hybrid EV

All New Kijang Innova Zenix Hybrid EV

Cross Into The New Energy

Beyond Exterior

Cross Over to Energize Today

– New Grille Ornament Modellista (Q HV & V HV Modellista Type)
The vigorous design Front Grille is enhanced by the side & upper Modellista ornament (avalaible as TCO) that applies to create a majestic presence.

– New Front Bumper Spoiler Modellista (Q HV & V HV Modellista Type)
Capture the dignified feeling on your journey with Front Bumper Spoiler’s look with Modellista artistry.

– New Side Body Moulding with Side Skirt Modellista (Q HV & V HV Modellista Type)
Brings a remarkable elegant look to the side body and prevents the refinement from having any damage when the doors are opened.

– New Rear Bumper Spoiler Modellista (Q HV & V HV Modellista Type)
Create a formidable feeling with Modellista’s elegant design in every driving moment ahead.

– New Crossover Front Looks (All Type)
Expanse your delicate driving moment with the new Front Grille design where the LED Headlamp (All Type), DRL, & Foglamp (Q HV Type) made flawlessly to make every head turn for your greater journey.

– New Fascinating 18″ Alloy Wheel (All Q HV Type)
The greater diameter of the tire comes up with a picture-perfect design in a super chrome painting to take you on a grand journey ahead.

– New Power Backdoor with Voice Command (All Q HV Type)
Roam effortlessly as The All-New Kijang Innova Zenix is completed with voice command technology to assist you in opening and closing the back door by the slight of your voice.

– New Rear Combination Lamp (All Q HV & All V Type)
Enhance the majestic experience on every side as the new rear lamps are designed with modern details to accompany your greatest journey.


Beyond Interior

Cross Over to The New Breathtaking Space

– New 10″ Head Unit with Smartphone Connectivity (All Q HV & All V Type)
Control all entertainment throught Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Voice Recognition or navigate your daily life easier with smartphone connectivity and NFC E-Toll Card Checking (e-Money & Flazz) for your comfortable journey.

– New Majestic Full Dashboard (All Q HV Type)
The sophisticated journey is guaranteed by the dynamic yet modern design interior as the premium made Soft Pad (All Q HV & All V Type) and Black Leather Seats give a sense of luxury and spaciousness.

– New Two Tone Design Dashboard (G HV Type)
The two-tone design and first-class technologies to accompany your stunning wanders.

– New Steering Wheel with Paddle Shift (All Q HV Type)
Lighter Steering Wheel with better stability and power to control every road you thrive with ease as the Paddle Shift is injected.

– New Wireless Charge (All Q HV Type)
Connect freely to the outside world with the Wireless Charger to power up your devices.

– New Black Leather Seat (All Q HV Type)
Enhanced convenience of the leather material embedded in every spacious seat.

– New Illumination Light Instrument Panel (All Q HV & All V Type)
Embedded with convenience lamp covered on the black premium leather material will bring a pleasant experience in every voyage.

– New Electric Parking Brake & Brake Hold (All Type)
Begin your wonderful journey with just a simple touch as the parking brake is now installed with electric functionality.

– New 7″ TFT MID (All HV Type)
An entire digital instrument to provide and convey essential information about your vehicle.

– New Digital Auto AC (All Type)
Command all the temperature, airflow, and air distribution inside the cabin, as The Air Purifier (All Q HV & All V Type) will ensure your desirable journey.

– New Captain Seat with Ottoman (All Q HV Type)
Comes with an Electric Seat and New Leg Rest bringing all kinds of ease in every distinguished journey ahead. it provides a solace sensation of convenience when crossing over with The All-New Kijang Innova Zenix.

– New 10″ Dual Rear Seat Entertaiment (All Q HV & All V Type)
The first in class 10″ Dual Rear Seat Entertainment with internet connection that can be played independently. *Also Available without RSE in V Gasoline Type

– New Impressive Cabin (All Type)
The rigidity from and equal comfort in all seat rows are perfectly emphasized by the more spacious cabin for the 2nd and 3rd rows, along with the light feel and the driving stability that is created by the finer suspension.

– New Panoramic Retractable Roof (All Q HV & All V HV Type)
Relish every exquisite driving moment with the wider from of the Panoramic Roof and ignite the night with Illumination Lights (All Q HV & All V Type) to grant you greater views.


Beyond Safety

Cross with The Advanced Safety

– Pre-Collision System (PCS)
An integrated radar system that helps to reduce crash risk and damage in a frontal collision.

– Lane Departure Alert (LDA) & Lane Tracing Assist (LTA)
Supports and assists the driver in avoiding unintended lane departure with visual and audible alerts as The Lane Tracing Assist will reduce drivers burden by the steering assist for the car always on the center of the lane.

– Dynamic Radar Cruise Control (DRCC)
Detects a preceding vehicle and follows within a safe distance to reduce the fatigue of long driving.

– Automatic High Beam (AHB)
Automatically turn on the headlamp during the dark to give maximum visibility to the drive.

– 6 SRS Airbags (All Q HV Type)
Ensured protection by enduring impacts to minimize the chance of injury.

– Vehicle Stability Control (All Type)
Prevent the risk of wheel slip by reducing power and applying brake force.

– Hill Start Assist (All Type)
Prevents the vehicle from rolling back on steep hills.

– Panoromic View Monitor (All Q HV Type)
Enhances the visibility of the vehicle’s surroundings while driving to prevent a collision.

– Blind Spot Monitor (BSM) (All Q HV Type)
Informs the driver by giving a graphic signal on the side mirror if there’s any other vehicle in the blind spot area.


Beyond Performance

Toyota’s mission in continuously making “ever-better cars”. The improved car’s core strength components enhance the vehicle’s performance and emphasize car personality that accentuate every model unique features

– HEV 5th Gen & Battery Warranty
Power up your sophisticated driving moments with a better responsive performance of the newest engine and also improved battery capability for maximum efficiency in every journey. Comes with 8 years/160.000 km lifespan battery warranty covered by Toyota to bring your journey without worry.

– New EV Mode + ECO & Power Mode (All HV Type)
Choose what you desired by switching to Eco mode for a smooth driving experience, Power mode for maximum engine power, and EV Mode to go with full electric power to reduce fuel consumption.

– New TNGA Platform
The Invention of Innovation
In a constant search of improvements, Toyota New Global Architecture aims to achieve the fundamental vehicle platform. All newly created structure is made to maximize driving experience uniting the drive and vehicle.

– New Gasoline Engine
Altering an advanced system, it creates flawless combustion, achieves dynamic performance, and efficient fuel consumption for a fascinating journey.



An integration solution that you can access through mTOYOTA application. Giving you comfort, providing peace of mind, and keeping you stay connected with your car

– Geofencing
Giving alert if your vehicle is outside the authorized zone to ensure your security at all times.

– E-Care (Maintenance)
A reminder to you for periodic vehicle maintenance to make your vehicle always in the best performance.

– Inquiry & Support Center
Direct assistance from Toyota Call Center to solve your problems. Give you more ability to keep moving forward.

– Trip Driving Update
Record all vehicle journeys include distance and duration to support your vehicle always at the outstanding performance.

– Road Assistance
Provide an SOS button if you get in an accident. You will be assisted by the Toyota Call Center to be directed to the Emergency Road Assistance (ERA) provider to make you feel safer while driving.

– Stolen Vehicle Tracking
Know your vehicle location assisted by Toyota Call Center to provide you security all the time.

– Vehicle Info
Provide your vehicle’s condition and warning notification to give you more convenience while driving.

– Safe Driving Rewards
Safely drive your Toyota and be rewarded with certain benefits based on your driving behavior*. *Terms and conditions applied.

– Find My Car
Accurately know where the vehicle is parked to provide you feeling of safety and convenience.



Toyota exclusive parts as an option for people to custom their car

– Upper Grille Ornament Modellista (All Type)
– Outer Mirror Ornament (All type)
– Side Body Moulding (V Gasoline & G Type)
– Scuff Plate (All Type)
– Mudguard (V Gasoline & G Type)
– Cargo Net (All Type)
– Integrated Car Storage Organizer (All Type)
– Multifunction Box (All Type)
– Air Purifier (G Type)
– Spare Tire Cover (All Type)
– Modellista Package (Gasoline Type)


Color All New Kijang Innova Zenix Hybrid EV


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